RE/MAX International is a global network of franchised estate agencies founded in 1973 by David and Gail Liniger in Denver, Colorado. As a young agent Dave Liniger had become frustrated by the limited earning and career opportunities avaialble within the industry. At the time most estate agents were earning just 50% commission and agency owners controlled every aspect of the agent’s job. Agents were disillusioned and unmotivated and most left the industry within two years.

The Linigers believed that to attract top professionals, an office should offer them a combination of maximum commission, advanced support services as well as the flexibility to run their own business. In return, agents would share in overhead expenses and pay for management services. The concept was not only innovative but revolutionary at its core and initially it encountered plenty of detractors. It would, however change the face of the industry in an irreversible manner.

More than three decades after its inception, RE/MAX International remains a privately owned company and the only global estate agency chain still run by its founders. The network comprises more than 7,500 franchises, with 115,000 sale associates in over 100 countries.