What support can they expect?

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RE/MAX agents can count on the support and benefits of belonging to the biggest real estate network in Ireland, as well as the most prominent in the world. The RE/MAX branding is a door opener for every agent, offering each agent the opportunity to prove their own well honed skills under the RE/MAX branding. The strength of the brand contributes to each agent’s success rates and helps agents achieve their targets quickly and effectively, in a relatively short period of time.

1. Image and Branding.

A great guarantee of success is to be a part of a consolidated network with 33 years of experience. RE/MAX enjoys some of the highest levels of prestige in the international market. In terms of exposure the RE/MAX logo is the most highly recognised of any in the international real estate sector. The RE/MAX branding gives every associate an identity which lends credibility and confidence to their service.

2. National advertising campaigns

- Consistent National television advertising campaigns and print advertising campaigns.
- Sponsors of the international Long Drive golf competition
- Supporters of the Marie Keating Foundation
- Official Sponsors of F1 Champion Team Jordan Ford
- A very strong online presence throughout Ireland.

3. Contributions from RE/MAX agencies to facilitate business

RE/MAX agents have access to the customers and properties of the entire RE/MAX worldwide network, and will have tangible business generation, leads and referrals from all agents at the local, national and international level.

4. Technology Advantages

RE/MAX Ireland offers complete software support to all agents regarding the listing of properties on the RE/MAX website. Software support for the management of customers and property via the website allows our agents to maintain the needs of their customers Remotely, as well as updating all activities on our property database.

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