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You must first complete and pass the required two year course and have the relevant education to become an auctioneer in Ireland. That's when we step in and provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to become a top real estate agent.  

Experience in the real estate market will enable you to develop your business

After a careful selection process, you will receive "Your RE/MAX Career" & "Succeed"  training, a special real estate training package, centered around the RE/MAX way. You will learn practical, relevant and efficient techniques that will allow you to quickly immerse yourself in the real estate sector. From there, with a will to work and some persistence the results will quickly start to come your way. The "Your RE/MAX Career" programme is continued with an eight week in house training course called "Succeed". Through the Succeed program. RE/MAX has designated a specially trained RE/MAX professional to mentor you through our comprehensive industry leading programme.

The most informed professionals are RE/MAX's most productive

It is a perception of many that RE/MAX professionals have a head start on the competition in this profession. RE/MAX agents prosper, even when the markets is less than buoyant, benefiting from a focused approach, maximum commission, referrals and experience. In this most critical sector of the Irish economy, income for the average sales associate can be expected to grow monthly.

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