The Brand

With RE/MAX you choose the right way.

Customers share a common need: a place they call home. They require professional advice in guiding them through the process of buying a new home or selling their current property. In any community around the world, at any given time, hundreds of real estate transactions are serviced by professional real estate agents.

However, there is also a significant percentage of real estate transactions done without hiring skilled associates and their services. This phenomenon occurs simply because consumers feel the ratio between the service received and the cost is disadvantageous. Meanwhile, with RE/MAX, this ratio is one of the best.

While people’s busy lives change, our agents stay in frequent contact with their past clients and continue to serve their specific needs. Our sales associates build customers for life. They can also find the perfect opportunity for you since our agents know their markets.

Premier Brand Equities
RE/MAX offers various brand strategies – external marketing ensures worldwide brand recognition while internal marketing-support accentuates the identity of each individual Franchise Broker/Owner or Sales Associate as a top player in the real estate industry. Powerful marketing tools tailored to Egyptian market are useful along every step of the way. Benefit from a company with a premier market presence.

The Corporate Visual
“The balloon” is usually the first response when you ask Broker/Owners or Sales Associates about their first associations with RE/MAX. “Of course, there are lots of other aspects, but the balloon is everywhere. Consumers know who you are without you having to explain”. The balloon perfectly relates to the RE/MAX ideas of innovation and leadership, portraying the concept of being free – in business for yourself – with the power of a global brand guiding you – but not by yourself.

Nobody Sells More Real Estate than RE/MAX
This is what we can proudly claim. But there is more to it: the above slogan is only one of many claims available to RE/MAX Broker/Owners and Sales Associates; RE/MAX has registered a wide range of slogans, all ready to establish the corporate identity of being a RE/MAX top player and thus being recognized by customers all around the world.

Personal Promotion
Promoting oneself is part of the freedom you get at RE/MAX. Innovative and vigorous promotion is even encouraged and there is no limit to any individual marketing technique. Guided by RE/MAX’s Corporate Identity guidelines and the strong support of the company, Broker/Owners and Sales Associates can conduct their own personal promotion campaigns – and let the entrepreneurial spirit thrive!

Customer Identification
Who would know better how to reach prospective clients in their respective regions than the Broker/ Owners or Sales Associates themselves. RE/MAX lets you choose your way of advertising – you know best which media will effectively support your cause! This is a win-win situation because when customers identify with you they identify with RE/MAX, which in turn awards you with their trust in established quality services behind every real estate transaction.